Thursday, November 08, 2007

Great Day

The weather was so nice I suggested we take our favorite hike along the canals at Woods Lake.

We picked up a sandwich at Mary's in Placerville which we split, checked that there was no mail, sent off two dvds-- one to MALVO SWEDEN, Kurt Wallendar country, the headed down the very empty road to Sawpit, found our turn.

Along the seven mile drive to the lake we saw:


We've been coming here for more than 25 years! In that time I've seen one bear and Jon's seen one bear. But to see one together... Later he kept saying,
"it seems like a fantasy."

It was about to cross the road, from out of the shadows with the stream behind him, then changed its mind and went back towards the creek.

We were beside ourselves from then on. I've been bear obsessive for many years. A BEAR! THAT WAS A BEAR! DID YOU SEE THAT? IT WAS A BEAR!

calm down.

We went on our usual hike, had lunch at the trail spot we prefer-- never saw another person though it was L.A. weather... then decided because all was so perfect we'd take the longer walk around the lake hike, the one we'd only taken once twenty years ago and couldn't remember why we never took it again...

to be continued...


linda again said...

What a beautiful image.

sal said...

Yes, I love the face on the tree!

The bear story is great! Were you scared?

Namowal said...

It's the Slit-Mouth Tree! She seems more serene than her ghost story counterpart.
That's exciting and scary about the bear! Do you have anything to scare one away if it got too close?

Sally said...

We weren't scared, because we were in the car. I kind of wanted to pull over and get closer, but Molly was sounding off in the car. The face in the tree looked exactly like that- I only added color. (learned from you, Linda.)