Thursday, November 08, 2007

working on blog design

currently in code fog, breaking the blogger rectangle design. Hope to post new view soon. But first a hike around Woods Lake-- the weather here is outstanding and peculiarly warm. Thanks for all your kind comments on my fine business sense.

Namowal, I found I still had the original image. Here it is:


Namowal said...

I like the picture. Where did it come from?
I was considering drawing/posting something similar myself, in my case a cartoony Munch-esque tribute to uncertainty with hapless characters caught up in swirls. That notion primed my mind to interpret your picture the same way, but you may have had something completely different in mind. :)

Sally said...

Hi Namowal, It's an illo experiment from a while back. I like old firecracker packaging, (how obscure is that?) and pull images off of ebay to distort in Photoshop, using various filters.

It's odd that the filters in PS haven't changed much over a decade.

Kind of nuts about collectors of old firecrackers, as they swear they're not doing anything illegal, but the goofy labels are still stuck to the tissue wrapped and armed packs.

Namowal said...

Yeah, Photoshop could spiff up the filters a bit. At least they could throw in a spline warp tool.
I agree that old firecrackers are an unusual thing to collect. One stray spark and there goes the collection! ;)