Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Pals!

When I look at this old postcard, I can't help but imagine the artist had run out of ideas. I mean, what is this about? We didn't see any wild turkeys on our walk today, dressed up or otherwise. It is cold here and dark skies.

We're going to a house down the road for Thanksgiving. I'm baking two pies: pumpkin and blueberry. That's all I have to do. Their last name sounds just like Sugar and the wife's first name is Candy.

Wherever you're spending it, hope the meal is good, the conversation is lively, (but not insulting), and you get to go home when you want to go home. (or the guests go home when you'd like them to.)

If you're cooking, hope you don't drop the cooked turkey on the kitchen floor, as my mother once did, or forget to put sugar in the pumpkin pie, as I did last year.


sal said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Sally!

Once I took a coconut chess pie to a potluck and didn't realize till I sampled it at the gathering that I had left out a cup of sugar. Luckily it was a large gathering, and I just didn't own up to having brought it. I heard a woman asking, "What is THAT?"

Namowal said...

Maybe it's a "dress the turkey" joke?
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your readers. :)

Sally said...

It must be something about dressing, ie stuffing, I'm thinking now.

linda said...

I think the postcard was supposed to be an Easter card, but the artist had a little too much to drink and substituted a turkey for the chick.