Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I dread picking up my mother's patterns of sleeping. Since we've been in Colorado I've rarely slept well. You should see the stars. I think it's related to Dinah and the separation required.

If I wake up too bolt alert, (especially after doing code experiments), I try old style go to sleep methods, like counting sheep etc. Thus the picture, from a Sesame St. song.

Sometimes I trudge into weird dream territory, like imagining sloppy frozen desserts trade named "DreamWeaver Ice Cream", with tiny figures from the past waving to me frantically as the Big Spoon stirs them around. Am I responsible for them?

And suddenly it's 4:50 am and surely a good time to get started with things!


sal said...

I always appreciate from your early morning comments that you're an early riser like me! I can't sleep if I work on the computer too late in the evening. Lately if I wake up it's to take the covers off.

Namowal said...

I wish sleep worked in a way where you could set a timer for 8 hours, throw a switch, and instantly fall asleep and stay asleep for the entire time!
I wonder what the Dreamweaver Ice Cream was about? I can picture people stacked in the bowl like toys in a crane machine, except instead of the crane there's the spoon!
I have a lot of whacked out dreams too. Plus waking dreams. Plus being wide awake and ruminating about stuff. Maybe it's the price we pay for being creative types?

Sally said...

I pictured Dreamweaver being sort of like Pinkberry, which I've only heard about, but instead of little gummy bears floating around it would be little figures from your past.

I think it is related to overly active imaginations!

linda said...

Sally, this is a little off the subject, because I think the big thing here really is the separation anxiety.
(Aside from the great sheep illo's--sheep are really hard for me to draw.)
But the thing I'm curious about is -- when you figure out how to do something with code that's really been on your mind -- that moment when the solution comes to you--is that moment usually as you're working at your computer, or is it an inkling you get when you're hiking, or an inkling you get when you wake up at 4:30 in the morning?

Sally said...

Linda, Interesting question. I find that with code I solve things when I'm nowhere near the computer. Because in Flash there are so many different ways that you can accomplish the same thing, and you can get in such a rut trying to make it work one way.

But for wild ideas, those often do come to me when I can't sleep and my mind is rolling along.