Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fooling with the Shrink

I spoke to my mother today. After her physical she had an appointment with the resident psychiatrist. She said before she went she had an inspiration to check exactly what day it was.

She went for her appointment, and they were talking, when suddenly he said, "What day is it today?" and she blurted out "Tuesday, November 13, 2007." She said he nearly fell out of his chair.

Then she told me, "I think he liked me. He wants to see me again."


sally g said...

She's a wily one! I like her.

linda said...

Sally, this is such a great story. But one that has hit a little too close to home. I met my mom's psych nurse today. I almost wrote "psycho nurse." When I recover I'll return to my own blog, but for now I'm avoiding it.

sal said...

I needed my own psych nurse after I visited Dad. I still cherish the memories of some of the priceless, precious things he would say, though.