Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Menu Suggestion for Thanksgiving

(I did this a few years ago)

Here's a dish you can only do once for the same crowd.

Buy a stuffed opossum dog toy at Target. They look very real. Have a pretty china casserole with a raised top.

Walk around the table to the guest you know least and ask him if he'd like to try your old Southern recipe.

Lift the lid and watch him scream!


sal said...

This might not get a reaction here like it would in California....

Sally said...

You mean, they'd be asking for the receipt? (recipe)

Namowal said...

hee hee... that's funny. There's probably much untapped prank potential in realistic dog toys.

sal said...

Yeah, asking for the recipe was kind of what I was thinking, but just kidding ... sort of.

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