Sunday, November 18, 2007

email trouble- trying something else

If I were paranoid I'd be convinced that my foaming at the mouth pitbull former web design client had sabotaged my Eudora email. But I think it's coincidence. Eudora's pretty boring, anyway. So I've downloaded Thunderbird, and my first email is from Sally G- hi!

My first email program (client) was Magic Cap, and I found a screenshot of it, weirdly set to my birthday:

I loved this program. You clicked on each item to work on that. It looked better on the computer. There's a history of the program with more screenshots here.

It5 had different rooms you could travel to, and everything was clickable and more or less functional.

I barely knew how to use my computer when I bought this software. I didn't know each email came with an annoying song and advertisement, but the bigger problem was that the email had some basic big problems and ultimately didn't work, and customer support was saying, "sorry."

While looking for Magic Cap images, I found this silly image from a wonderful blog that deals with Popular Mechanix magazine. Now here's another blog where I can absolutely lose myself.
I always regretted not collecting Popular Mechanix.


Namowal said...

Funny how cool things often come to us through coincidences. Popular Mechanix does look like an interesting blog. More time capsule stuff with a scientific twist.

sal said...

Dad always liked Popular Mechanics, and Pat does, too. Maybe that's why I married him.