Saturday, December 08, 2007

Here's the Prize- winner tba Sunday

This dear little chicken saint came back with me from Santa Fe, from the Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts. It was NOT a part of any gift basket-- I bought it for myself! I could say give it a name but NO don't you dare! Seems to me it's a nice prize for this contest, though some pals were hinting about Kindle. But I don't have Pioneer Woman's vast resources. (That gal gives away big bucks in her contests!) In the future I'll drag out some art of mine, but if you saw what a teetery mess that closet is in, you'd say, "Don't open that door!"

I've made a list of all the entered names separate from the blog so I won't remember who said what, and tomorrow I'll go in the cage and try them out. There was a giant hawk in the back yard this morning which the crows were chasing off just as I went out to feed Mr. Mystery and his friends, so I guess the word that there's a new squab in town has definitely gotten around.

Whoever started posting the baking names this afternoon was on a psychic streak with me as I spent the afternoon making the pineapple torte with meringue and whipped cream and pineapple custard. If I don't drop it on the way to a Hanukkah party tonight, it should be a big treat.

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some pal said...

This prize is to die for.

p.s. Kindle was a suggestion for name, not prize. Because it is white and sleek like bird.