Monday, December 17, 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

Dawn at Lake Balboa was beautiful. This photo comes direct from the camera without Photoshop intervention. I was amazed when I saw what the camera saw.

There was a mound of snow left over from a Winter Solstice event at the Lake on the weekend. Molly went wild.

Dinah came home last night. She still loves chickens, and it was wonderful to see her again, though she shows some attitude here. Welove her.

The pack is back together again! We went to see Pepper and took five pounds of carrots.

Pepper had forgotten his name, but not how much he loves carrots.

He and his pal look like a two headed horse. There's no separation of these two dear buds.


sal said...

love the Balboa pic; beautiful! I need a new camera....

Linda said...

"She shows some attitude here ..." Oh come on. The girl's a goddess.
YOU never showed any attitude, oh NO, Never:

p.s. (Molly's pic) I love it when dogs hold their front arms like that.