Saturday, January 19, 2008

A beautiful ad from the 70's

This ad for 7-Up was directed by Robert Abel, who died a few years ago. It won every kind of award imaginable, and is still very beautiful. The only thing that really looks dated to me is the women's makeup. This ad really broke ground.

Woops- watched it with sound off, didn't know it had a stupid narrator and sort of dated sound as well. Best watched silent.


Namowal said...

I liked that.
I'm impressed that it was made before Photoshop or 3d animation and computer compositing tools.
If it weren't for the old "Uncola" slogan, it would work as a contemporary "retro style" add.

Mean Jean said...

Ah, remember "ramping"? This one kinda reminded me of the LSD one in a trippy sort of way.

I kept thinking of Tinkerbelle.

Sally said...

Yeah, this was done with optical printers. He made a couple of other amazing commercials in the 70's.

Do people still drink 7-up?

Mean Jean, what's ramping?

bad mood linda said...

This does nothing for me. Maybe technically it was great (& expensive) but compare it to the starry ending of Make Me Psycho. There you'll see some magic.

Sally said...

aww, don't have a bad mood. I got an email today that said:
"ghostseekingsheet has subscribed to your videos"

How's that for a great screen name?