Friday, January 18, 2008


cracked me up- the cartoon, not LSD!

gives you the feeling of a quick laff in the dark ride.


Namowal said...

That was pretty funny.
And people (who know me well) wonder why I've never wanted to try LSD. People who don't know me well just assume I'm perpetually tripping.
Nice to hear Laff in the Dark mentioned. I wonder if any still exist?

Namowal said...

look what I found, complete with a laughing you-know-who...

Sally said...

Namowal, so funny. While I was looking for the url of the laff in the dark site, you posted it.

At Smith, my freshman year, I got called in to the Dean's office and was accused of taking drugs, because of my artwork. It wasn't true, I was a non hippy, but I don't think she believed me.

Years later, once, I took LSD, and regretted it.

Linda said...

Sally, but you didn't inhale, did you?

That big green creature is exactly like Quasi at thinkOblink.

Katy said...

Who accused you, your art teacher? a concerned girl scout? That is too, too bizarre.

Sally said...

Katy, the weird thing, (among weird things), is that as I remember it, my art teacher brought it to the Dean of Student's attention.

And my art teacher was the person who influenced my artistic career the most, all through the years, -- a truly great teacher.

Maybe because it was late 60's they just had no parameters and were panicky about drugs.

Or I've remembered things wrong. Which often happens, but in this case I don't think so. It was upsetting to me at the time-- I was a very keen-minded art student, probably at the wrong school.

At least I got the right teachers. I was miserably unhappy at Smith but had great teachers and spent most of my spare time at the library.

Remembering further, the Dean set up psychiatric sessions with the on campus psychiatrist, but I was too hostile to benefit from that. That psych was mighty creepy. I remember wearing a baby doll dress made of army camouflage which I'd sewn myself, with giant Capezio ballet shoes, to one of the sessions. I never think about what I wear, but this flashes back vividly. He told me my problem was that I couldn't verbalize.

But hey, I got through it all, and know how to write code too! Some part of my brain is ready to rumble. or rhumba.

And just today Smith College called me asking for money.

Katy said...

Sally-- I'm speechless (can't verbalize), but glad you dressed for the occasion. I was accepted for Smith (my first year would have been 1967) but didn't go --if I had, I might have seen that glorious costume.
Namowal-- good laffinthedark link---I read about Coney Island's Dante's Inferno, which I walked by many times, but, like Smith, I never went inside. Roads not taken? I'm taking them today. Sort of.

Sally said...

Katy, We would have been there at the same time. You're the second friend I've met who considered going there then and chose not to. (what did you both know...?)