Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fortune Cookies Off Tracl

Got this cookie fortune while watching the Democratic debate in Las Vegas on tv. Jon has the flu and I bought mall-style Chinese food at lunch to carry us through.

This fortune is not exactly tops on my long to see list! (Iceland geothermics) But I give the noodle company points for getting specific about things! And better than the candidates, though they did get a bit specific tonight...

Dinah said the Clinton act was appearing at U.C. Davis tonight-- whew, after a two hour debate she and Mr. BC hustle the UC Davis crowd. Can you imagine?

Of course you can't, who can-- what that life is like... I was surprised to see Barack is a leftie, as in left-handed.

Then I got to thinking about handwriting. There was a signifigant book from the 20s about handwriting analysis in my house when I was little which affects my judgment still. My mother and I sometimes refer to it in conversation!

Signed: Vice President in charge of Stationery, Peking Noodle Comp.

When I first got to San Francisco I bought fortune cookies by the bag, but didn't know what to think of so many fortunes. Were they all meant for me? (Not such an airhead as that, surely.)


Namowal said...

Have you posted your to see list on your blog? I bet it's interesting!
Fortune cookies are funny- I know they don't predict anything, yet I still get excited for a second when I get a fortune I really like.

sal said...

so what is wrong with lefties according to the book?

Sally said...

Namowal, I know what you mean, that feeling of aww, cookie really knows me. Sal, the book had nothing about lefties, I was just free associating and drifting a bit.

sal said...

How's jon?

Sally said...

Jon's got such a bad case of the flu that he had to cancel tomorrow's flight to visit his dad. When I went to the drugstore to get Thera-flu, it was all sold out, found it at another store where shelf space was also mostly empty.

thanks for asking.