Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Peggy Reavey- interesting painter

copyright Peggy Reavey

I got an email invitation to an art opening today which mentioned a show coming up featuring Peggy Reavey. I'd never seen her work before. What do you think? I liked the imagery very much, not sure about the border decorations.

More info I came upon by accident about this artist:

At Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Reavey fell in love with soon-to-be-surrealist-filmmaker-extraordinaire David Lynch (Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, Twin Peaks). On the third floor of her house, she worked on the first three of Lynch's experimental films. Reavey can be observed vomiting blood in the Lynch short film, "The Alphabet." The two were married and had a child. After their divorce, Reavey took to writing novels. Soon, she felt she was writing about her life rather than living it, so she rechanneled her creative energy into making surrealist paintings instead.
Highways Gallery describes Reavey's paintings as a marriage of Ann Landers and William Blake.


Namowal said...

I like her use of speech and thought balloons in some of her works. It never occurred to me to use them in a non-cartoon setting. Pretty clever.

Linda said...

And I like her use of rhinos. That she fell in love with David Lynch makes perfect sense.

Sally said...

The underlying draughtsmanship isn't very strong, but the imagery, originality and design keep it in balance, don't you think?

sal said...

I find the composition and backgrounds interesting. I have a hard time inventing those things.