Thursday, January 03, 2008

James Brown says hello

We're watching the election closely tonight.


linda said...

He's doing the Monkey,
the Mashed Potato,
Jump back Jack, See you later

Katy said...

He's doing the Obama Victory Bop.

Sally said...

Yeah, I was just thinking this morning, now why did I post James Brown's picture on a blog about the impending election? Of course. I forgot the power of J.B.

(never mind that I was rooting for J.E.)

Namowal said...

Hi James Brown. Nice graceful picture. That being said, you weren't using your super-squab powers to rig the election, were you? Did someone from Obama's team bribe you with millet spray?

Sally said...

Probably Dinah, who just drove off in the pouring rain to go to a campaign meeting at Obama's headquarters, downtown. Squab-bles.