Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Before the Rains Came

We went to see Pepper today. He was looking shaggy and happy. We took bananas laced with Bute then rolled in oats and molasses. Bute eases the pain of arthritis and we're expecting big storms. Pepper nickered when he saw me, which made me feel so good. The last couple of times he hadn't recognized me. He was moving around pretty well for an old timer.

Dinah fed carrots to his bud.

Rooster Elle tried to kick sense into his psycho women but they weren't listening. Note their fluffed necks and strange posture.

Good thing we have a chicken psychologist on staff.


Namowal said...

So Pepper did recognize you this time. I'm glad he did, considering how much effort you put into his well being, including special treats with pain relief as a special secret ingredient. Lucky horse!

linda said...

I love seeing these photos.

Sally said...

Yes, it was nice to hear old Pepper calling out to me.

sg said...

I kind of like the idea of snacks laced with painkillers, but I guess I don't really need them....

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