Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Other People's Resolutions

Molly and I got to Lake Balboa before dawn. It was wildly windy, with the coots bobbing up and down on the choppy waves. Out on the big field we saw our hawk friends soaring. Then I spotted a deflated purple balloon with streamers hanging from it. I picked it up to throw in the trash, then saw these two notes hanging from the streamers.

They were two New Year's resolutions that had already blown away. Kind of reminded me of my mother's pie pans.


Mean Jean said...

Happy New Year! You are making me very nostalgic.

Linda said...

I love finding things like these notes.

p.s. Is mean jean (above) the Jeanie who surprised the family by running naked around the dining room table?

Sally said...

No, mean jean is a friend from j-walk blog. She's also a fine painter:

l. said...

I went to her blog. Her paintings are terrific. I was tempted to buy. Sally, I'm commenting from my little toy XO!

sal said...

Thanks for the inspiration (Jean). I had been thinking I would break out a new set of oils to do a still life with pears!!! Now I have to wait till Saturday probably because of work.