Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Time Travel Check-in

Maybe it's the holidays, maybe it's the blog, maybe it's my secret psychic self, but all sorts of long lost pals and acquaintances were checking in with me this week for the first time in twenty plus years. Truly a delight.

One of them triggered all sorts of memories. We'd met at a screening of my films in the 1970's. I did a lot of trouping(sp?) around the country then and met lots of people. He mentioned a woman, I'll just call D here, who had tried to get me interested in the world of computers. So I wrote back this email, which then returned as undeliverable. Of course I know sometimes those emails really are delivered, but since it might never have made it through the digital ozone, here's what I wrote to him.

(part of the email that got returned)
I have tried to remember D's name.  That whole Palo Alto showing event, and a few visits with D, I've thought back on.  At the screening someone gave me a napkin with a message on it.  He worked with John Lily, and invited me to swim with dolphins.  There was a phone number.  I didn't do it, and regretted it always.  Also I think that was where someone gave me a business card from the Time Travel Institute.

I googled D. and saw she's credited with designing Centipede--
wow! There was someone she wanted me to meet back then, someone who was starting up a computer company where really exciting things were happening. Could it have been Bill Gates-- or Steve Jobs? I've always wondered.

I was so shy and stuck in my ways in those days-- hmm, come to think of it I still am!

Okay, that's the first one, but the second one really made me almost
faint at the keyboard. I'd been thinking of this person frequently all the past week, with no idea why. I googled her with no luck. I'd even thought of going out to the garage and digging in a box for some letters from her. For awhile she spelled her name strangely.
We were in college together. I haven't heard from her since around 1976.
this is Clare-- remember me? i just spent 25-plus
years as a newspaper reporter and am trying to figure out how to make the transition to more remunerative employment... i just switched from 20 years as a self-employed correspondent for the Boston Globe to the same role for the once formidable arch-rightwing NH statewide daily, the NH Union Leader, a paper that once made liberal politicians weep but that now seems like a husk of itself...
anyway, i live in portsmouth, NH with my 16-yr-old adopted daughter, a divorced boyfriend, and 13 yr old Basset hound. I'm still a liberal. Iago just emailed me that you were on the web after Tom contacted him. We were having an email reunion on the sad occasion of a friend's suicide (Whit Garberson). Hope you are well, Clare


linda said...

"I was so shy and stuck in my ways in those days-- hmm, come to think of it I still am!"

About 25 yrs ago I was assigning illustration. I had been working w/ Vivienne Flesher. She said I was welcome to stay with her (this is when she lived in NY) during an illo. conference. I could not even consider it. I was way too shy. I still am, too; but not SO much.

sal said...

I know. It's my age, I guess; I'm wondering why I didn't do so many more bold and adventurous things years ago; how might my life have turned out differently?

Katy said...

Odd the chain of events and memories....sad too. You're right, credit the secret psychic selves and the New Year. Underground murmerings pooling for a while on the collective electronic surface.

sally g said...

My German professors wanted me to apply for a Fulbright and I was too scared (learned I would have to study art history in German over there-- sounded way too hard).

Sally said...

Nein, nein, sie musst nicht nach Deutschland gehen. Or something like that. I enjoyed all your comments!