Thursday, January 10, 2008

Psychotic Chicken Cured!

You may remember we were having bad times in chicken land at the end of the year.

All are living in harmony again. Last week I almost posted a Craigs List notice on the brown hen, Honey, because she was fighting the one eyed white chicken Pirate, to the tune of "There Will Be Blood." But a few days of isolation in a dog crate and she forgot whatever was p@ssing her off-- now all is harmony,

with the big white boy in charge!

He was standing on the top step looking in the window this afternoon. He's a gorgeous white boy.


Namowal said...

He's a beauty!
His name...?

Sally said...

That's Elle the Rooster. He's looking especially gorgeous these days, and he's six years old, which is old for a chicken.

sal said...

This reminds me of the beautiful Extraordinary Chickens wall calendars. Here's a URL for 2007 (the url for 2008 was too long to paste here):

Sally said...

Thanks, I think I have the book that the calendar series is based on.

Linda said...

Sally, this reminds me. I've been meaning to ask how Elle reacted when you got back from CO/AZ and he was let out of the garage. Was it a re-enactment of A Rooster Named Elle (the movie)?

Sally said...

Yeah, Linda, he made a mighty dash for his girls, but he'd had a few sleepovers while we were away.