Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Magic in Ohio

I've been having fun coloring in cuts from the catalog I've had a long time. It's filled with wonderful period clip art related to magic and mind reading.

Here's a picture of the mural in the office, they say, "In this office all transactions are strictly private." Good thing. Love the drawers.


Namowal said...

Quirky clip art + computer tinting = goldmine of creative possibilities!

Sally said...

Way back around 1998, I thought I was beeing so savvy to buy the url makemepsychic.com

This was around the time a certain multi-step card trick fortune teller web app was circulating, where you looked at the cards and then the gypsy guess what cards you had picked. You probably have seen it. If you don't know how it's done, it's very unnerving.

I bought this little catalog as a way to spice up the site I never made. Imagine a little magic company in Columbus Ohio having such a grand mural in the office.

Namowal said...

Would that be the one that claims it's removed "your card" when in fact all the cards have been changed?
I wonder what became of the old magic company? I figure it's long gone, or moved, but I like to think the mural somehow survived- perhaps livening up a home or business. I know I'd walk an extra block or two to get coffee at a place with a unique mural on the wall.