Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Photoshop Phixes Things

Jon saw this image of Lulu looking out at a cow as it flashed by on my screensaver, and wanted a copy of the picture. I told him it was a great photo but had some major pixel problem, maybe because it was taken long ago with an early model digital camera that stuck on the wrong setting..

So I opened it in Photoshop, tried to lose all the rainbow dots via repeated Filter>Noise>Despeckle. That took some, but left a lot of stubborn white spots. Then I desaturated it a bit, took the smudge tool and smeared the dots. I duplicated the layer, making the one below totally desaturated, and used layer "Soft light" to combine them. I like it better, do you?

"Miles to Go" that's the title.

Here's how dotty the original image was:


Linda said...

Ha! I love this photo. But on my monitor, Lulu's fur looks way more touchable in the top photo.

This photo reminds me of one I took of my cat Mabel (she died a couple years ago) when she had to wear one of those cone-shaped plastic collars from the vet. She was despondent until one afternoon I drew a rat on the computer screen. She perked up and sat up straight and followed the rat with her head. Her head went round & round as I moved the rat around on the screen. I have a great photo of it. I'll find it.

Namowal said...

When I first saw the picture I thought the computer screen was a window on a train or bus.
Good work on spiffing up the picture.

sal said...

Isn't it a window?

Namowal said...

My mistake- I thought it was a picture of the dog looking at the picture on the screen. I think sal is correct. This isn't the first time I've looked at the obvious and concluded something goofy. *blush*

Linda said...

Duh. Lulu's looking out a window, not at the screen! Scratch that comment about it reminding me of my cat and the rat on computer screen.

Sally said...

Linda, we want to see that rat!

The picture was taken from inside the car. A herd of cattle were being moved down the road, and Lulu was looking on.

Sally said...

And Linda, I knew you'd like the first version best, but you can't see how crappy it really looks since the image on the blog is so reduced that the pixels go away too. That's why I added the last image.