Friday, March 28, 2008

3 nice sites and a Bunny

Veer is an ultra stylish design blog that did a piece on me a while back. I've enjoyed poking through the links and posts.

perfect stars
did this cute illo for me the other day, but now my name's off- should have responded sooner. Nice colorful and loopy style. I haven't had a chance to explore the site yet.

Here's a Flash site for highlander prod that is so much fun to play with. They're an animation company in Israel according to cold hard flash.

Dinah brought this rabbit home for the weekend while her friend Chelsea was away. We put it in the aviary and the chickens all almost died of heart failure. bokbokbokbok

Then Molly panicked that the chickens were in trouble and raced around the aviary as the rabbit streaked around inside the cage.

the bokbokbok continued for a half hour after the rabbit was put in the garage.

This afternoon we got Chester out for a romp on the grass and rooster Elle tried to attack him. The bokbokbok started up so we headed to the other yard.

Rabbits are so soft.

Tomorrow Jon's brother and family will be in town so we've got cooking to do!


Jesse said...

Awwww he is so kewt! Dinah must be treating him well for him to behave and be tame.

You know I know folks who are afraid of chickens, so be careful where you tell your bokbokbok stories! XD

Sally said...

Jesse, show those friends this picture of Elle!

Namowal said...

Maybe your chickens saw the killer rabbit scene in "The Holy Grail?"

I'm glad Elle stood up to the vicious creature!

Birds remind me of horses. See something new? Panic first, ask questions later.

Linda said...

This rabbit is adorable, and so is Dinah. That's a great photo up there with the birds creeping up behind Chester.

These are great sites!! I couldn't find you on Veer, tho. Can you post a link? Your name is still up on perfect stars (well, it says "true story dedicated to Sally Cruikshank")... Namowal, enter the highlander site, and click on the JOBS button.

What are you cooking?

Sally said...

It's a rescue bunny that was found on the street where her friend lives. His mahoghany coloring is beautiful. He needs dental work, but is so relaxed when you hold him.

Namowal, I didn't see that scene. It was so hysterical watching Elle do his side pass threat dance at the rabbit.

Linda, I posted the veer link. I think it happened because of David's site, as somewhere on veer I saw one of the clients mentioned, may have been Chang.

Namowal said...

Here's the link to the "killer bunny" scene,(if you get a moment to spare between cooking and having company over)

Sally said...

Namowal, a little late but I really enjoyed that clip, thanks!