Saturday, March 22, 2008


Just a couple of sketches from the lectures yesterday. Some were quite interesting. It helped when they used Powerpoint, even though starting Powerpoint was a trial for many. I don't plan on using Powerpoint.

This person didn't have any visuals so I didn't know what the heck she was talking about. Later I got information from her on manga titles and will be ordering stuff from amazon. My typing is calmer and more sensible today because I'm not using the tablet handwriting feature. Instead I'm about to practice with the remote control that's just bigger than a matchbook which will select the films I want to show and talk about. I've always had issues with remote controls. At home I can't turn on the tv by myself.

I also have to be careful not to say anything sassy since I might accidentally click on this blog. Everyone has been very nice to me. Most of the people here are really smart and articulate too, so I know I'm not in the San Fernando Valley. The keynote talk last night was exceptionally grim, which isn't my favorite category. (about murders, especially in Mexico). I discovered I could take a photo== not easily-- with my laptop, so here's the view of Lake Alligator from my porch here. (Don't know it's real name.) Time to practice- bye


stray g said...

Nice view. Pat keeps switching from satellite to cable and back, so I have quit trying to learn how to use any of the remotes or record anything any more. It helps to draw when listening to lectures. Yours will be the most fun! We'll be rootin' for ya!

Linda said...

Stray G: I woke up this morning and decided to go. Can you still drive if I leave now?

Namowal said...

I agree with "Stray G," your lecture will be the most fun.
Your crack about the San Fernando Vally was, like, really funny. ;)

lin said...

Well??? Don't leave us in the lurch. How did the talk go? We're waiting for report.

Anonymous said...

sally's talk was excellent, and really well received. she was a superb guest, and her animations blew everyone away, even those of us who had seen them before.

thanks, Sally, for being teh awesome.

PS: that's Bivens Lake

Jesse said...

/me writes some Florida congressperson to have it renamed to Lake Alligator. :)

So.. otherwise, grim? What do you mean grim Sally? Grim like your earnings projection sheet, or grim like cartoons will be outlawed, or .. Emma Thompson looking at tea leaves?

sal said...

Yes, I'll sign the petition to rename it Lake Alligator!