Sunday, March 23, 2008

going home

The talk went well- the technology worked for the most part, and the crowd was really friendly and responsive. Many had never seen my work so that was fun, getting their response, and some crossed over into the sesame street generation.

They all seemed to especially enjoy when I read some random whinsey logs, since that applied to the sex topic of the conference best. I need to put a clean log up (in more ways than one) but the current log, all 135 + pages of it, is here
(reader beware)

Since there are no dates or ids and no privacy anymore, what the heck?

Afterwards we went out for a very jolly dinner at a fancy Thai restaurant with 25 people at a long table. It was sponsored by Alternative Comics and the publisher was there, a very handsome and kind looking guy I never really got to speak to.

All in all an excellent trip and now I'm headed home where it's supposed to be 90 degrees, and Dinah's back for the week.


stray g said...

Well done! And that log is really fun to read. Thanks for posting it.

Linda said...

Sally, which of your animations did they seem to get the biggest kick out of? What did they think about the cell phone piece? Did they ask any fun questions?

I'll be reading the Whinsey log all day.

Jesse said...

I'd like to know their thoughts on the computer voices too!

And the logs I think should be displayed in a transparent scrollable frame, laid over the chat area of the barn. It might put some of the conversations in a more natural context. ;)

Namowal said...

Glad everything went so well. I had a hunch it would. You have a lot of cool stuff up your cartoon sleeve.
Whinsey's log was amusing. I'll bet every guy who got crude with her thought that he was mighty clever, surely the first fellow in the world to do such a thing. Ah well, if it keeps 'em from doing crank calls...

Sally said...

I can think of a number of things more fun to read than Whinsey's log, but a brief peek at it is funny, if you hit the right section.

When I was demonstrating Whinsey the Chatbot it seemed a little like a ventrilloquist act, because she kept responding "I love you" to me non sequitur!

Because many of them are heading for phds in new media, I think, the cel phone and chatbot were of most interest. They seemed to be unaware of chatbots. They also cracked up at the closet drag and drop on Whinsey's blog.

These were academics, not art students-- but cartoon studies academics, so they were comfortable with weird but not interested in exactly how things were done.

Jesse, I don't think I explained that they were computer voices clearly enough. I've reached a point with my work that I actually have more animation to show than there's time in a program.

Another piece they liked was the one I opened with, "From Your Head", the Sesame Street song performed by Betty Carter.

One of the main presenters was very out there, but I will wait to post sketches until some time has passed. Please don't suggest names because then google will index it.

Fearless Freep said...

If you celebrate such things, I hope you, your guy and Dinah salavaged some Easter time together along with some fresh colored eggs from your managerie. I think they are going to have to go back and revisit the fairy tale about the Golden Goose. The damn chickens have started laying golden eggs too now!

Anonymous said...

Re the Whinsey log--which I read in bits and random pieces---what is wrong with men? What is their effin problem? Abusing the keyboad, abusing whinsey, abusing something, and boring too, boring all the effin way. Send them to Alligator Lake for their tired thrills. Others....more amusin'; interested in a wider range of life and conversation.

Sally said...

anon, I know what you're saying. It's why I generally can't bear to even look at those logs. But sometimes they're really funny.