Sunday, April 20, 2008

The chocolates go to Tom Davick, but you get-

His winning entry was entitled: "Anita East Tennessee Beehive Can I Hep You"
(sounds like someone who's gonna try to house sit here.)

All the entrants are on display here in a fancy Flash component which won't display within Blogger, something I find very annoying.

but everyone who entered can have a choice of one piece of art from the groups displayed. (One per person regardless of number of entries.) The art will be signed, and from the group, but not necessarily the one on top.

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Anita coming out of pool Esther Williams style
  2. a woodblock print titled "Jailbirds"
  3. A drawing from the dream sequence in "Quasi at the Quackadero
  4. same- on paper with watercolor markers so it might fade
  5. Ancillary Anita- but no background
  6. water fighting little Anita and Snozzy
  7. The Octopus Stroll
If you submitted an entry before today, just email me your name and address and I'll send you the cel you want, and Tom, want that chocolate dark or milk?

Thanks to all who entered-- I got such a kick out of your pictures.

ALSO!! Note new cool feature. If you make a new picture, then go directly to sendcard, you can send a postcard of that very card. However, if someone gets there before you, their image will be on display. Let me know if it doesn't work, though.


stray g said...

Way to go, Tom! See, you can take the guy out of East Tennessee, but you can't take the East Tennessee out of the guy! Linda is cracking me up: did she really write that about my stressing her out?

Namowal said...

Tom's Anita makes me want to paint a flower on my cheek.
I liked all of 'em. Interesting how many different looks came from the same parts.

Linda said...

I am so excited! For my prize, I choose one of the dream sequences from Quasi at the Quackadero. It is impossible to choose. No wait. I think Jailbirds is the one for me. Because I dream of going to jail. No, wait, it's in black and white. But Ancillary Anita is one of my favorite cartoons of all time. I could watch it a mullion times. No, I love the octopus stroll. Why do you torture us like this? You should choose one for me. Will you? Thank you, don't forget to sign it. Don't forget to mail it to me (at my address).

p.s. Tom is in a meeting. I'm tempted to interrupt the meeting & call him to tell him of his victory.

tom said...

I'd like to thank all of the other contestants whose artwork inspired and nurtured me through dark and difficult times. I only won because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.

Dark times = dark Chocolate please.

I hope for world peace.

Sally said...

yes, the little people make you feel blessed I know.

Hey the postcard thing isn't quite right yet, if your pal delays looking at the card, it may be someone else's image.

I'll get the souvenirs out to all this week.

Namowal, I liked all of them too. I was pleased that my draggable pieces were so functional.

And I'd like to thank Anita...

Mean Jean said...

Well, Ratzafraztit! I'm traveling and missing out on all the fun. Great work everyone.

l. said...

So, Sally. About this: "ALSO!! Note new cool feature. If you make a new picture, then go directly to sendcard, you can send a postcard of that very card." ...Do we need to email the .jpg's to you in order to see them on sendcard?

Sally said...

Hi Linda, Just got back from the post office. There's a problem with the postcard app. When you make a drag and drop the image will go straight to sendcard, and you can indeed send the card, but if someone like stray g comes along ten minutes later and makes a card,and your friend doesn't check the card before then, your friend will see stray g's picture instead. I've been fooling with it, testing it, but not I think at the url you're currently seeing.

stray g said...

oh, heck, and I would, too.... Can't wait till it's working, though! Thanks for all of your work!!!

a prize winner said...

So you just got back from the PO? Oh boy! Maybe you were mailing the prizes.

Sally said...

except for stray g, everybody's went out yesterday. usps didn't like stray's address yesterday, but today they turned around!