Saturday, April 19, 2008

House Sitter and then some

We met a very nice woman who's taking care of the chickens while we go on the Wild Bear Adventure, but meanwhile we've also stepped into the quagmire of summer house sitters.

There's a site I signed up with to post the "job", (hopefully no pay), and I got quite swamped by the replies. Many seemed possible, some seemed a bit scammy, and some a bit mad, like the semi retired veterinarian who displayed a picture of herself with two kittens in her hands that she was maybe about to eat.

Unreal? (picture of gorgeous blonde at party surrounded by Jamaicans- says she's 21)
I am currently a student at Vassar College in New York, born and raised in Southern
California, and would LOVE to house-sit for you this summer! I am studying in Paris this semester and I get home to So-Cal at the end of May.I love meeting new people and learning new languages. I currently speak french, chinese, swedish and english. I play volleyball and love to travel. I have been all over the world and my passions are art history, singing, and ballet dance.

or this, and who the h are Richard and peggy?
Dear Sally,
Please read my profile. Aneither smoke nor drink
and all references are easil contacted. would I
require my own vehicle? I do not charge for home
and pet care. Do you know Richard and peggy
Well you get the idea. Meanwhile the contest entries are so wondrous I'm going to award something to everyone, as well as the grand prize.


look who's straying again said...

You are such a dear. The housesitter choice does sound scary. I have been tempted to register with a site advertising that I would housesit for someone in England, so I could live there a while rent-free and work on drawings and have adventures. (Of course Pat says he would want to go with me.) I haven't had the nerve to sign up yet. What to say in the ad? "Bored mid-lifer wanting to escape reality for a while; this seems like the safest way."

Namowal said...

I love the picture of the nutty vet on the roof with the sacrificial kittens. Too funny!
Those would-be house sitters sound loony. I wouldn't trust them to watch my shopping cart (while I leave the line to grab something) let alone my house. I hope you find someone who has their act together.
p.s. I can't wait to see the Anitas!

Stray G, that English housesit thing sounds like fun. Go for it!

Norman said...

Would I require my own vehicle?
Is your wine cellar well stocked?
What days does your cleaning service show up?
Would I get an allowance for food?
I would only smoke downstairs, not upstairs by your easil.

p.s. I would require a new wardrobe and several pairs of shoes.

Sally said...

Dear Norman Learman, Why donut you make tv shows like you usid to? All food is in trash cans in backyard for earthquake. You certainly sound like just the person.