Friday, April 11, 2008

Fast and Fleeting in Fresno

I brought two cameras, the charger for each, the downloader, a flashlight, the cel phone charger, the laptop, geez I could be a phone repair worker.

However I mistook the old cel phone charger for the lap top charger, and the lap top is at 29 % so I'll wait to post pictures tomorrow.

Trust me that Fresno deserves the title it won a few years ago of "worst place to live in the USA."

The street where we're staying is nothing, nothing but giant medical centers and suite hotels for miles and miles. Who are these people that want to stay in these dreadful hotels, where you get a plastic cup for a glass and a bowl of fruit loops as the big breakfast treat?

anyway, hot and sticky here we are. later! Dinah's cross country riding event is tomorrow. The field is huge with big scary log jumps and hills and ponds to cross. temperature will be around 90. The train comes thru every 15 minutes and they hope it won't blow its whistle. A police shooting range is also next door, and on the other side is a mega installation of high tension wires.


Namowal said...

Your description of Fresno, with blocks of medical centers and box hotels, and the sticky heat, reminds me of a type of nightmare. Not the horror movie type, but the twilight zone icky, stifleing dullness type. If that makes any sense.
Wishing Dinah good luck with the riding!

Fearless Freep said...

There goes your chance to work for the Fresno Tourism Bureau.

stray g said...

Gosh, makes me want to plan our next vacation in Fresno!

Linda said...

Poor Molly.
Will Dinah be riding Tia? This is exciting; kind of scary!
Have you found a good breakfast joint?