Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fresno, CA

I drove out to see Pepper today, since we'll be away for a few days. I brushed him for 45 minutes. He's incredibly shaggy. All the other horses have lost their winter coats. Pepper used to be so sleek... In the process of brushing him I got that old hay fever feeling and ran to the shower when I came home. Probably should have run to the medicine cabinet but I forget what works-- sudafed?

I took a lovely picture of Pepper with wild flowers behind him but discovered the memory chip was not in the computer, once I got home. It's been that kind of day. My mother's memory chip seemed to be working better today than last night, when she had a paranoia attack, possibly caused by medication according to my good friend Kathy who's a nurse.

Tried to take a picture of the cel phone but that didn't turn out either. I think I've only said hello to it once so far.

Tomorrow we're going up to Fresno for a couple of days to see Dinah in a horse show. I've been researching "good" restaurants, hotels, and activities in Fresno. Oxymoron city, but we'll see, maybe the architectural tour I've picked out will be enjoyable. We'll have some interesting music to listen to on the drive from Bob Dylan's radio show thanks to Derek, a friend from the Florida event. I may blog from Fresno if I bring my memory chip! Molly's coming too.

by the way, the link above may be the coolest thing I've ever posted.


Fearless Freep said...

Speaking of memory chips, I had a photo pass for a Moody Blues concert and the battery in my camera died. A friend just bought a digital camera and he was taking picture of me at the very feet of Justin Hayward and John Lodge and I really wanted those shots most. I was never higher than standing there looking into Justin's blue eyes and singing Tuesday Afternoon and Lovely to See You Again My Friend. I could have reached out and touched his leg, these guys are gods to me. Their music has always been my friend.
Turns out the guy accidently erased all the pictures of me at the concert. At least I have the memory of being that close.

stray g said...

I still weep when I recall my brother worked as night auditor / desk clerk at a hotel where Dylan stayed: band gave him backstage passes to keep it a secret he was staying there. He gave me the passes since he had to work. I had no car (no public transportation in this state), and my friend who was going to drive us chickened out at the last minute because of snow, SO I MISSED IT.

Yes, medications cause all kinds of mental problems in the elderly. Also there's a so-called "sundowning" agitation phenomenon (Dad was paranoid in the evening but better during the day.)

I think you need antihistamine like benadryl (sudafed is decongestant, but both would be best).

Funny about the "oxymoron good hotel city": friend called from Vicksburg, Mississippi, to ask me to look up hotels for her on the Internet. Because she's used to luxury, I searched for top of the line and couldn't find anything rated more than 2 stars.

Namowal said...

Have a good time in Fresno. May the memory chip be with you!

p.s. to fearless freep and stray g,
It's crazy annoyifying when a friend carelessly sabotages things, isn't it!?

A Wanderer said...

I've been watching your stuff on Youtube for awhile and have begun following your blog, which is great fun to read.
Anyway, first time I've felt compelled to comment, thanks for the Theme Time link! I didn't realize you were a Dylan fan (or maybe only share his taste in other music?). I've seen him live 8 or so times now.

Linda said...

Did you find a place to stay that Molly likes?

Sally said...

a wanderer, here's a link to an earlier post on the only Dylan concert I ever saw. I thought I'd done a sketch of it but I guess I wimped out.

We played four of the shows on our trip to Fresno, and all were GREAT. Dogs, Halloween, Trains, and California. His voice is incredible in the intros. I wish it could be built into one of the computer voices, as it would be a charm to animate it. When he talks about the charts he pronounces it "chots".