Saturday, April 05, 2008

Good Dog Day

These two would have won cutest pair if they awarded that. Today we went to our first agility trial-- there were at least fifty dogs there, with two rings set up with jumps. This was a practice meet, just like a real one but no prizes and less competition I guess. It's sort of like what I used to do on Pepper, except then I was on the horse not running beside him. (except when I fell off, and then Pepper would be running by himself.)

Overheard at the show: "I'm not running Nora today. She's so hormonal she's been humping my leg."

We just resumed agility this past month, and the trainer thinks Molly has a lot of talent. Because Molly gets overly excited by other dogs, not everyone would think she'd be a great candidate for agility, where it's not uncommon to see dogs leap over the flimsy fences of the rings and charge some other dog.

Our trainer came up to us right before our last run (of four) and said, "I want you to go out there and not worry about Molly and the other dogs, just have a great time."

And somehow my mind spun out then to the Busby Berkeley musical, "42nd Street", where Warner Baxter tells Ruby Keeler, "You're going out there a youngster, but you've got to come back a star."

And we went running onto the stage, no-- into the ring, and I promptly went off course though Molly didn't. As we were coming down the last row of jumps I saw Molly cast an eye over at a spectator German Shepherd, but she stayed well behaved and did a great job.


stray g said...

Congratulations, Molly! (Might want high res of the darling pair in the photo.)

Namowal said...

Yay, Molly! She's Superdog.

Sally said...

Thanks, I'm so proud of her. Stray g, (love the goofy name), just let me know.

stray g said...

yes, please send! thanks
and thanks for the apt moniker!

Linda said...

Your trainer sounds good. And Molly is so smart. It's funny that you promptly went off course but she didn't. So will there be a real competition with a prize and will Molly be in it?

Sally said...

I'm lucky to have such a great dog.