Friday, April 04, 2008

Sleep Walking: ever do it?

I woke up in a sweat(well that's not unusual), convinced that I'd been sleepwalking in my old house in New Jersey-- a dream within a dream. And there was dream proof: I'd dragged a blanket from my house in Northridge into the old butler's pantry in New Jersey.

I've been anxious about my mother, who's in the infirmary at her retirement community. Her knee has given out, and she may have to move to assisted living. She's anxious, and isn't getting much information . She's back on her "who's been drinkin my liquor?" rag.

I have walked in my sleep two times. Once I was about ten, and leaving in the morning by myself, on the train, to go to summer camp in Hillsboro, New Hampshire. I couldn't sleep. My sister had read a book on hypnosis and practiced on me. Everyone said I walked in my sleep. It's a memory that's merged with the retelling.

The other time was worse. A month after my sister died, we went to Florida to visit Jon's father, who lived in a high rise on the beach at Marco Island.

I was in a state of great agitation. I should have gone to a psychologist I guess. The night before our trip I walked in my sleep and woke up in the big room, a long way from the bedroom.

Dinah was only three. In Florida she and I shared a single bed in a room that opened onto a small porch about twenty floors up. I was so afraid I would sleep walk and climb over the railing. I built a barricade of suitcases in front of the sliding door. Nothing happened.

It's such a weird phenomenon. I've read that there are people who drive CARS! while sleep walking.


Namowal said...

Dream Proof. I know the concept. I sometimes photograph stuff in my dreams under the logic that if it's real (not a dream) it will be in the camera.
I've sleep walked a few times. Once I was visiting my folks and woke up in my underwear. My nightie was in another room. Apparently I'd gone for a strip stroll.
My mom sleepwalks. It freaked me out when I was younger because I'd find her about the house in the middle of the night, but when I talked to her she didn't make any sense. Of course, the next morning she wouldn't remember any of it.
Sure hope things get better for your mom. No wonder you're anxious, between the assisted living possibility, her anxiety and her hang up that someone's stealing her drinks.

stray g said...

Never walked in sleep that I know of. Sorry to hear about your Mom; hope she's OK. I had forgotten she was not even in assisted living! She is amazing.

Linda said...

Sally, I'm basically unfamiliar with the phenomenon of sleepwalking, but GOSH. Sounds like anxiety definitely triggers it. Ugh. (Funny, though, the part about your sister practicing hypnosis on you ... reminds me of practicing being a hair salon operator on my sister.) I see your sister holding the sea urchin quill on a string, and swinging it slowly BACK and FORTH and BACK and FORTH in front of your eyes, which are growing VERRRRRY SLEEPY. The dream proof: blanket dragged from house in Northridge to old butler's pantry in NJ--is so funny/ typical! I'm not making fun at all--sounds like a stressful time to be sure. That scene 20 floors up in FL sounds like something out of a horror movie, all right. These situations with our mothers are very hard.
p.s. I love the image you found. Aren't Olive Oils' feet wonderful?

Sally said...

Namowal, you take pictures in your dreams? That is so wild.

The image is from one of the all time best Popeye cartoons, "Did you Ever See a Dream Walking?"

sal said...

great cartoon title (fun one to illustrate in three minutes....)

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