Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello Again

Since it's Earth Day I thought I'd post a link to the helloagain site I did for my bud Susan Subtle about four years ago (or more-eek) Originally it was going to include a monthly magazine and a fully operational store, but Susan didn't want to get into merchandising and the store never launched. Susan was spotting products made from recycled materials at least ten years ago, but she's like that, always ahead of trends.

I spoke to my mother today. She'd returned from an ultra modern heart clinic where they were checking her out.

She said, "The place was so modern it made you sick. The wall paper and the floors looked liked they were competing, trying to be the least conspicuous. Big Squirrels everywhere."

"Big Squirrels?"

"I mean Swirls. It was all over-simplified and over-swirlified."

She's really mad that they haven't been letting her eat chocolate. I'll fix that when I go see her next week.

and so much for good intentions on Earth Day. I've already been out twice in my car: to walk the dog at Lake Balboa and to mail a package and get frozen corn for the chickens and potato chips and Jujyfruits. (The things we admit to.)

Worse, tonight Jon and I may take separate cars to the SAME MOVIE! It's "The Movie Orgy" a compilation film he and Joe Dante created for hippies around 1970. The cut down version runs four hours. The original ran 7 hours. I know I won't make it past two hours, and Jon doesn't think I'll make it there at all.

How are you celebrating Earth Day? (update- going in one car with two hour guarantee.)


Linda said...

The helloagain site is wonderful. My favorite parts are: Marilyn von Robot's wonderful voice (go here and click on Sally's name! http://www.helloagain.com/hello.html)
and the Elevator!!! ...And the games, especially Dumpstick and Spin the Caps.

"Big Squirrels" --your mom. I needed a laugh. So you're going next week, huh. on a more serious note, will she be able to stay where she is or will you be helping her move?

I celebrated Earth Day with a glass of wine instead of a styrofoam cup of wine.

Namowal said...

The Helloagian site is a kick! Very Sally-esque.
I too found the dumpster game and started poking around.
I'll have to go back there and make sure I covered everything.

stray g said...

Love the elevator!

sg said...

We just stayed home: guess that's really earth day, huh?

Sally said...

Thanks for looking at it, and your nice comments. Staying home has to be the perfect earth day.

Anonymous said...

I celebrated/suffered Earth Day by screaming at the tree butchers who work as contractors for the Power Company. I screamed and screamed, Do Not Cut This Tree, Do You Hear Me. Desperate phone calls, to utility supervisors, preservation lady in nearby town. Photos of tree butchers (who were angry at me and said they would call the law [the sheriff]and accuse me of harrassment). If you take one more photo I'm calling the law! Go back in your house! Etc Etc. Nerves worn to a shred. Greenest state in the land of the free? Davy Crockett born not far away. Dying trees and potential erosion farther down the road. Chainsaw guys' words to me when I protested about their work on trees beyond my property line: You don't own these trees! My words to them: You don't own them either buddy. Did I say Buddy? Did I? I don't remember. Earth Day ironies. No fun, no fun at all. The dryads are not laughing, but the trees are still standing, just as they were before Wolf Tree came snarling down the road. ----Kate