Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trailers From Hell

The Movie Orgy last night was a blast. We stayed more than two hours and I was doubled over with laughter. Just great. (Here's a review that came in this morning.)

Joe Dante and his partner Elizabeth Stanley run "Trailers from Hell." Jon's done two funny commentaries there.

The audience was having a rollicking old time, and what an assortment of people. In front of us was the extra large group, who'd brought croissants In a big box to share. Off to the right was a guy dressed like a doorbell-ringing Mormon with white short sleeve shirt and tie, but he was talking on his cell phone and swigging from a bottle of wine till he dropped it and it did the clankety clank thing, not that noticeable since everyone was laughing so hard.

by the way, I think it's wrong that they're sending those polygamist children to foster homes. What do you think?


Linda said...

Aw, you guys know how to have fun, that's for sure. That is one handsome trailer.

And Jon has the The Voice! My friend Larry has The Voice. Tom doesn't have The Voice. The only way Jon's voice could be improved would be to run it through the (voice bubble filter?) as used in "Your Shining Moment"/Quasi at the Q.

What do you think about the polygamist kids? (I want to know.) I need to pay more attention.

Namowal said...

That's one wacky bizarro show they've cooked up there. Some of your audience members sounded interesting too.
The polygamist kids? While I have little respect for parents who think it's ok to marry off 14 year old daughters (or toss sons of the same age on the street), I think taking the kids away cruel (to the kids.)
Speaking of foster kids, have you read Hope's Boy by Andrew Bridge? It's an autobiography of growing up as a foster kid in the 1970s and parts of it seem like something out of Charles Dickens. It does have a happy ending.

Sally said...

Linda, that was Al Dodge who did the Shining Moment voice.

and when I got out those woodblock prints I suddenly remembered who Quasi's voice was patterned after:
an eccentric man named Alfred Bergdoll. His brother Erwin published the woodblock print (all 12 copies of it.)

Namowal, I feel just like you about the polygamist kids. It's a difficult issue. The L.A. Times did a story on the castaway boys about a year ago.

Fearless Freep said...

A correction to the review. I don't believe, though I could be wrong, that any Ray Harryhousen effects movie was ever treated to MST 3000 lampooning.
Earth vs the flying Saucers is a mega favorite of mine, up there with The Day The Earth Stood Still, It Terror From Beyond Space, and Forbidden Planet.
I didn't know Jon was involved with Roger Corman. I know he made such memorable movies as the Creeping Terror and I was a Teenaged Werewolf. I loved the Creeping Terror. I think that was the one they lost the soundtrack to so they added an entire line of naration to the filck, Genius. The monster was two guys under a throw rug. Did Jon work for Ed Woods too?

stray g said...

Fun trailer! Jon really does have a great voice. (Pat, who grew up in radio, thinks so, too.)