Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meanwhile, send a postcard

Don't forget the contest, folks. Only three more days. I'm selecting nuts and chews for the winner.

I struggled the last half day to get the postcard set up working, and now it seems to. I didn't spend as much time selecting the images as I did dealing with php permissions and an actual database which somehow came together late this morning.

So feel free to send a card here. Unlike many of those free cards, this one isn't doing any tracking or cookies or anything like that. If I can take it a big step farther, you'll be able to email your own drawing, but don't expect that tomorrow.

Being an old postcard collector, I've never been that keen on digital cards because you can't hold them, but I guess other people like them.


marstokyo said...

Hey Sally, you forgot the *n* in funonmars and so the link to your cards isn't working.

Sally said...

marstokyo, thanks so much for spotting it. I put up the post and ran out the door. fixed now .

Namowal said...

The pic with Quasi in the pool cracked me up! (He looks and acts like a spoiled childhood friend I had!) They're all great, though. Was the wallpapery one in the lower left corner influenced by Louis Wain?

Linda said...

Sally. I'm speechless. with delight.

stray g said...

This is so exciting! I'll never want to use any other cards! How very generous of you. Thank you.

sg said...

Can we learn this code?

Sally said...

The code is free from

If you're really earnest about installing it, it can be done with care.

Start by creating a folder called sendcard in your public_html folder on your site.

It requires all the files to be installed in his exact structure- ie of files within files. This is probably easier to do if you have a drag and drop method of loading files on your server. In my case I had to load them one by one, and then encase within folders.

His file order works exactly except there was one file named htaccess which had to be removed and I think another file was in the wrong place. I checked my server errors for that.

He says to only set certain exact files to 666- it's a php permission thing. The ones he mentions are true. Don't set the folders those files are in to 666. They should be set to 755.

Setting permissions is not hard to do. On most sites a tic tac toe like box appears with 9 check marks possible. The ones you remove create the permission number.

Also, set all the other folders to 644 which is NOT what he says, but that's what makes it work. This was the issue that cost me hours.

If you go into the php files to edit them, be careful, but remember you still have the originals on your hard drive. Then you can start switching out your images for the generic images it comes with, as long as yours are in the images folder and you edit their names and sizes in the php file. (If you get that far I can tell you which file, if you can't find it.)

This is the way I've always learned code, starting with someone else's and switching things out, seeing if it still works.

Good Luck if you try it.

Sally said...

Oh, and Namowal, those were a series of bookmarks I did. I was influenced by Louis Wain in a lot of things, not sure those show it as much as some others.

Linda said...

Oh good. I'm glad you're selecting nuts and chews because that eliminates Stray, who couldn't eat them due to recent dental surgery.

stray g said...

I can chew on the left side of my mouth!