Friday, April 18, 2008

Before there was Google

Maybe if I had a pair I could figure out the code roadblock that's driven me nuts today in between the Honda Element roadblock.

My key would not turn at all in the ignition today. AAA towing managed to get the "valet" key to work, and now I'm looking at a $1000 bill to replace the key cylinder. It's not under warranty. Molly and I are grounded. We missed the dog walk with dog friends today and will miss our scent class tomorrow.

Jon won't let the dog in his Toyota Prius, and that's probably a good idea.

How's your day going? Don't forget the contest. So far there have been fewer entries than there are chocolates in a 1 lb. box of nuts and chews, which is the prize. You don't need to draw to enter, just drag your little mouse around. Gee, maybe I should enter!

and an excerpt from Whinsey's log:
you said: Do you like cartoons?
she said: Walt was best!
you said: Did you hear Ollie Johnston died?
she said: I didn't know, I'm sorry
you said: He was 95
she said: I like big numbers!


Linda said...

What a great excerpt!
Who was chatting with Whinsey?

The Honda Element roadblock is too much to bear. You can't miss scent class! Can't you put a gigantic blanket down in the Prius? That back window in the Prius, the long low window, is made for a dog to lie down and look out.

My day was a relief after the chaos of yesterday. I got 2 projects to a good place.

Is the box of nuts and chews dark or milk chocolate? More entries are coming tomorrow. Tom thinks he's going to win. (No way.)

Fearless Freep said...

Those key cylinders often go bad because of keeping a lot of keys on the keychain. The same thing happened to a friend. I put my car keychain on the Alkins diet and if yours is packing a few extra pounds, give the new cylinder a break and it should last longer.
BTW If you have subtlety tendencies, I may be chomping those nuts and chews.

Sally said...

Yeah, fearless, they asked me if I did the phoneman thing with my keys but I only carry two. The box of chox can be dark or milk as it will be sent straight from the factory.

Linda, I have no idea who was chatting. I try not to guess. Even if somebody types in "My name is Goomba", the next line below may be someone else also chatting with Whinsey. Unlike me, she can multi-task.

Namowal said...

The mystery chatter was me- I spoke to Whinsey briefly this week, and asked her about Ollie Johnston. (Hopefully my chat wasn't mixed with that of some perv or nutjob)

I hope you and Molly aren't "grounded" for too long.

Sally said...

Namowal, thanks for taking a spin with Whin!