Saturday, May 24, 2008

Air Travel getting Pricey

I peeked around at airline websites last night and today, to check on what my flight costs would be next time I went to visit my mother, and discovered they'd gone up $300-$400, including Southwest. And this is for travel more than two months from now. Just thought you might want to book summer flights now, if you're planning on going anywhere. It's only going to get worse. (like the service)


Linda said...

I bet you're glad you're driving, not flying to CO.

I just made reservations yesterday to see my mom in a couple of weeks--$550 round trip. If I had the small travel kit in your photo, it might help. (Do those flasks on either side of the hairbrush hold vodka and gin?) Is that a salt shaker beside the mirror, and a cheese grater above? All those things would bring comfort stowed beneath my seat on a flight.

can't afford to stray g said...

uh oh I should have booked a flight sooner

Namowal said...

Between the bad service, security hassles and high prices, I'm half expecting people to to ditch flying and bring back the stagecoach.

Fearless Freep said...

Funny my nonstop flights to St. Louis for the Fourth cost almost double what it would cost to Las Vegas, probabl4 4 times further away. Go figure.

Sally said...

My route is LA to Philadelphia, and I was seeing basic flights around $600. Near the end of August the prices seem to come down.

Of course, the airlines have been nuts not to have raised their prices much sooner. In the 70s a round trip flight San Francisco to Newark was around $280, (with meals and hot towels.) Until recently you could still get fares like that.

Linda, I saw the suitcase on ebay. I'm sure at least one of those was meant for the flask, but then you also had emery boards, silver topped combs, and cold creams.

My mother showed me a perfume funnel when I was visiting her. Women would decant their perfumes.

Sally said...

We're taking Pixie the Frog with us to Colorado, but I'm not sure what to pack for her.