Friday, May 23, 2008

Can You Whistle?

Mavis Lorenz can. She was the oldest person on our Wild Bear Adventure, 81, and as full of energy as any of us. She could whistle whole melodies in a lovely trilling style. She said her mother taught her how. I've never heard any other woman who could whistle like that. Not just a bar, but an entire melody. She liked to whistle songs for Jon and me to see if we could guess the title. But she would only do show tunes, like "oklahoma". She was insulted when I asked her to do "My Old Kentucky Home."

Taking a peek on google today, I see she's a well known character on google. She has a great "hee hee hee" laugh too. She even climbed Everest to base camp K2
or was it K3? when she was in her 60s as a single woman with a sherpa, entering through Pakistan. Earlier in life she'd been a p.e. teacher. whew I bet she was tough.


Mean Jean said...

I can whistle and I'm FROM Oklahoma.

Sally said...

and I bet you and Mavis would get along famously!

Being from Oklahoma, do you follow the blog of fake and uber-rich "the pioneer woman".com?

Linda said...

I googled her soon as I saw her name in your photos the other day, because Mavis Lorenz--the name itself--sounds like a SOMEBODY.

How COULD you have asked her to whistle something so pedestrian?

Sally said...

hey Linda, are you back in town? I asked her because her whistling style was so exquisite, and "I enjoy being a girl" didn't hit the emotional note I felt she could reach.

She is an unforgettable person. We escorted her up to airline security, where she waved to us and said, "See you on the other side."

Namowal said...

Wow, this lady lives independently, rides mountain bikes, climbs mountains and can whistle? I'm impressed!

linda said...

Yes, of course we're back! As of last night. I thought you would know through osmosis or something.

After I made the comment about the song being pedestrian, I could not get "weep no more my ladies" out of my mind as we walked. I guess that proves it's a pedestrian song?

stray g said...

I've never been able to whistle!
(I can't believe Linda knows all the words to "My Old Kentucky Home.") I want to be spunky like that when I'm 81. Or now!

Sally said...

Welcome back, Linda!