Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dental Day

walked into the dentist's office and remembered the dentist's wife's name, Lisette, for the first time in fifteen years. what's that about? Later Jon asked me the name of a weird tree element we saw in Canada, and I said, "That was an Alder catkin."

The dentist mentioned the name of a homeopathic medicine that worked for his 14 year old dog and when I came home I remembered the name and looked it up on google.

if only it would go on like this!

(picture free day.)


stray g said...

did this memory boost start with the bear-viewing vacation?

Namowal said...

Stray g is right. Your vacation gave you super powers!

Sally said...

Yes, it started on the bear trip. Today I remembered that one of our trees is a Podacarpus and the other a schifflera. And I figured out the guy at Fry's had picked out the wrong expresscard for my laptop. (got to say, though, that it looked as if the hiring pool at Fry's had switched with McDonald's since my last visit to either place.)

Linda said...

Not-so-good story: Did I tell you I heard Cathryn Ramin speak at the Bubble Lounge? She had just written a book called "Carved in Sand: When Attention Fails and Memory Fades in Midlife." After thinking about it for months, I finally broke down and ordered it. But I never have started it because I forgot where I put it.

Sally said...

You forgot where you put it- so funny! I'm wondering if this was related to suddenly being without any phone/computer/electrical entertainment or automobile, so the state of constant partial attention had to stop. Each day that I've been back, I've felt a little less bright.

stray g said...

Definitely something special about the beautiful place you were, removed from so much of society's garbage.

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