Thursday, May 22, 2008


My sister passed out these forms at the summer art class she taught, and I found it in a drawer today. Right next to the manual on handwriting analysis.

Think I liked horses?

Funny how the writing in example 3 looks like any doctor and the example 4 looks like certain popular fonts.


Namowal said...

It's fun to find old ambition lists and see what came true. Often they're pretty accurate. Maybe writing the stuff down helps prime your brain to be on the lookout for anything that will bring you closer to your goals.

Linda said...

This is priceless. I always love to see faint outlines of things erased. (too crooked?) And I can't believe you knew how to use parentheses!!

You will love my drawing a man test:

(Though I haven't become a cowboy YET.)

In Maryland, in 5th grade, everyone in my class had to choose a different state and do a notebook about it. I chose--you guessed it-- California, and pasted a picture from Nat. Geographic of the Golden Gate Bridge on the cover. I swear it is taken from Land's End, where Tom and I walk on the Coastal Trail. I spelled "San Fransisco" with the 2 s's at least 97 times and my teacher circled it in red each time. I was humiliated.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel great to look back and see that you have fulfilled your wishes? Even though Anita had to step in for you.

Sally said...

yes at least someone knew the acter's life.

Linda, nice way to get an A! Sneakers, cool shirt, thin belt, missing fingers.

Here's a shirt I've been wanting on ebay but the guy never lowers his ridiculous price. When he first listed it he had a reserve price of $150, and somebody posted a question of whether he'd take $600 for it and close the auction. This is about the fifth time he's relisted the shirt. Maybe an acter will buy it.

In my earlier (age 6) list I wanted a horse and a caretaker. The caretaker part worried me so I didn't post it.

Namowal said...

Animation can be considered a form of acting, but that's probably not what you meant when you were a kid. Were/are you a good actress? ( I lovedacting but was never very good at it.)

Sally said...

My sister Carol was unforgettable in a high school production of "Arsenic and Old Lace."

I wrote a play version of "Ben and me" in 4th grade, got leads in "Love in the Ape House" (ook, had to kiss the guy) and Polly in some Andy Hardy play.

I really wasn't very good. Have a catch it and gone appearance in the movie "The Organization", set in San Francisco, 1971. I tried to grab the clip from the dvd to post here, but ran into technical problems, and the clip was too short to obsess about. Except it was set at the Magic Cellar, where I worked as a cocktail waitress while going to the San Francisco Art Institute.

Thanks for asking, namowal.

stray g said...

What does your handwriting tell us? This makes me wish I'd saved more I'd made or written when I was a kid. Part of me wants to do theatrical, autobiographical monologues.

Linda said...

Yes, we need to know what conclusion Carol drew from your handwriting.

Stray G, what's keeping you from doing theatrical, autobiographical monologues?

sg said...

Thanks, Linda: perhaps my next project! After August.