Friday, May 30, 2008

Goodbye Elle

We're leaving for Colorado Sunday before dawn, and I tried to explain to rooster Elle about the change of living he was going to experience. He'll be outdoors, under an awning, in a large hutch. He'll have occasional sleepovers, or if the house sitter likes him, he'll get to spend time with the girls in the aviary.

I'm really fond of this gentle rooster. He's more than six years old. He trusts me.

Molly's fond of him in a different way.

Should have taken the picture today, after I got my haircut, but oh well what the elle.


Fearless Freep said...

Have a safe trip. Are you taking the Prius? If you stop in Las Vegas say "hi" to the blackjack tables for me. National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation's scene at the buffet was one of the funniest satirical scenes I ever saw.

stray g said...

Only when you have time, I'd love to get high res photos of Elle. I would like to do drawings/paintings. Thanks. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

How did Elle (she?) come by his name?

Namowal said...

He's a pretty bird. He must be very tame if he lets you hold him without a fuss. I was going to ask why you didn't take him along for the road trip, but then I pictured trying to check into a motel with a chicken, even a mild mannered one like Elle.

A Wanderer said...

Namo's last comment about the motel reminds me of the Seinfeld where Kramer gets an intern for "Kramerica Inc." and the dean of the school confronts him about it. "Mr. Kramer, it seems to me your entire enterprise is no more than a solitary man in an apartment which may or may not contain a chicken."
"And with [the intern's] help, we'll get that chicken!"

I love the caption of the last picture, coupled with the look on Molly's face. I love German Shepards. My grandparents have one and they never really trained him, so despite the fact he's about 10 or 11 years old now he still acts like a puppy. At least he's friendly, though. Not much of a watchdog.
If I ever get a dog again (which at some point in my life I certainly intend to) I think it'll be a Welsh Corgi.

Linda said...

Still time to change your mind and stay home.

Sally said...

anonymous, Dinah named Elle when he was a chick. I think she'd seen the movie "Legally Blonde" and that's the main character. Or maybe in "Clueless."

We took the Honda Element and cruised past Las Vegas. On the last day I fantasized about taking Elle and putting him away in the car at night, but there are so many predators here that I'd need a double cage to protect him. Not to mention the charm of the car interior after a rooster spends the summer inside it.

Welsh Corgis are cool dogs. Their conformation used to bother me, but now I think it's really appealing. I've seen them herd sheep. They take their jobs very seriously, even if you don't know what their jobs are.