Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hey Linda, click on it!

whew I had hoped to make something better but I my car wouldn't start up in the middle of the day in a huge ugly parking lot, without the cel phone, and I couldn't remember the cel number. And Jon was at a screening, and Dinah wouldn't answer her cel phone.

The car was already almost entirely packed, and I had visions of terribleness in all forms. I called AAA and they said an hour or less, it took an hour to the dot. The hardest part was finding a pay phone. The battery needed to be replaced. The whole thing has taken most of the afternoon and we leave pre-dawn. I'll reply to all your nice posts from the last couple of days when we're in Colorado. We're hoping to get there the same day, ie zombie like on Sunday night.


Linda said...


Sally, what a horrible day! EXACTLY what happened to us the day before we left for Sea Ranch 2 weeks ago and the Nebulous died. Only worse than a dead battery and we had to rent a large mini-van. But at least Tom had his cell phone with him when it happened. You need an adult beverage.

Drive carefully tomorrow. Do you have some good music to listen to? Katy just sent me Mark Knopfler & Emmy Lou Harris ALL THE ROADRUNNING, every song is great. Can you download it?

Namowal said...

Yes, drive carefully.
What is it with cars laying an egg during or before a vacation? It's no fun sitting in (or near) your dead car, waiting for the AAA guy to roll up!
I didn't realize how rare pay phones have become. I'm surprised. Even cellphones get dead batteries now and then.

stray g said...

Love Linda's birthday greeting!
Sorry to hear about car trouble, but glad at least it was sort of before you left home.

A Wanderer said...

My family has always been lucky with car troubles 'round vacation time, though the year before last our luck sort of ran out at Myrtle Beach. We got to our car one night to find the driver's side mirror had been smashed off.

I'm guessing some droogs had their jollies that time, then off to home to listen to Beethoven.

Sally said...

We listened to the Bob Dylan Radio Show with the theme of "Fools" and it's one of his best shows. Unfortunately you can't download any of them right now as the site is being rebuilt or something.

Then later we picked up where we left off on "On the Road", the very end in Mexico. I began to picture Dean Moriarty as a large fox with jaws snapping "yas yas.". So it was an extra treat to see a real fox today.

Pay phones are vanishing really fast. Even when you find one it's not very likely it will work.

Some weird old guy from Pakistan was chatting me up while I was near tears in the parking lot. I never did figure what that was about.

A Wanderer said...

I don't have satellite radio, I have too many CDs (and too many I still haven't got around to listening to all the way) to feel like I need it. Bob's show is the only thing I feel I'm missing out on, though seeing him in concert 7 or 8 times kind of makes up for it.
I do have a compilation of songs from his show though and it confirms what I've always known: the man has great taste. He'd have to, to make great work you usually have to have great inspiration and influences.

I read "On the Road" and a bunch of other Kerouac books in 8th, 9th and 10th grade I believe. They fit the summertime. I have to be in a mood for them though, the jazz-prose can either be really enjoyable or really annoying. I used to write stuff in that style.
I like the Dean-as-a-fox image. Sounds like an interesting idea for an animated adaption.

Sally said...

Wanderer, you have to hear the shows themselves sometimes, as Dylan's commentaries are really great.

And I know what you're saying about "On the Road", and you may have read it too often now, but if you ever get a chance to hear Matt Dillon's performance, listen. It's a masterpiece and I don't use that lightly.