Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Toons X-9

Here's the first panel of the storyboard I did for Marv Newland's compilation feature that never happened, based on the Faust story. Here's the last panel:

Note that's panel 195, and I thought it would time out to 9 minutes 37 seconds.

In between Aloosha, a reformed kleptomaniac, falls for Buddy Bolero and buys a time share in hell. It's a double/triple scam, which she realizes just before the plane for hell takes off. There's some very goofy stuff along the way. (The Faust part is the condo contract she signs.)

probably just as well it was never made.


Namowal said...

"Probably just as well it was never made?" I don't know about that- the line "You'll love Buddy's condo, it's in a toxic waste dump!" is pretty funny.

Linda said...

We want more! More! MORE!

stray g said...

Yes, we need more of the story.

Sally said...

Some day I'll put the storyboard up as a flash click through-- but not any time soon-- would take a lot of Photoshopping.

Thanks for your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Faust and a time share in hell...of course we want more. Moral dilemmas make the world go round, no matter the format.