Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beatnik 2

I was going through an old folder and found a bunch of negatives marked Hillsboro Camp. I was about to throw them out, when I thought I spotted, even in reverse, this picture I remember quite well. I scanned it and inverted the image.

It's a self portrait by me taken in my sister Carol's room. that's her artwork all over the walls. I'm around 11 here and still fancying the beret. The cigarette is chalk. Fortunately I never took that up as a habit.

But don't I look artistic? Here's a link to my earlier Beatnik shot. No wonder I like to listen to "On the Road" (exquisite audio by Matt Dillon) every time we drive to Colorado.


Linda said...

Yeah, just throw the negatives away, along with your diary from San Francisco.

The photo is marvelous!

stray g said...

Great photo! It illustrates your advanced state of consciousness.

Mean Jean said...

This is SO COOL! You look mighty suave for 11. I too loved berets. Too bad I just look like a big dork in them. I wear lots of hats but not berets. I've bought 3 and end up giving them away to people who can wear them with impunity.

Namowal said...

Yep, you look artistic!
Impressive composition in the photo, considering (if I read it correctly) you were holding the camera too.
I took a self portrait of myself when I was that age too. I only got part of my face in the picture, but you could see my tongue sticking out.