Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Wild Backyard

So I'm sitting here peacefully reading mean jean's blog and wondering if those stairs are in her house when Molly runs past me hysterical and starts barking at the back door.

The chickens are out. I run to the door and see a hawk sitting on top of the aviary.
Our rooster Elle is standing in the open growling and no chickens are in site. I make pow pow sounds and wave my hands while Molly keeps barking. (I didn't let her out.) The hawk won't leave.

I jump up and down, then look at the sky as a great blue heron flies right over the garage. EEK! They eat koi. I scream into the house for Jon, who's watching "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" and he rushes out. As soon as the hawk sees him he flies off. The heron is gone, and not at the fish pond. The chickens are hiding motionless in the bushes.

Wasn't it amazing that Molly knew the chickens were in danger?

I took these pictures with the cel phone camera, figured out about micro sd chips. Color above straight out of the camera. Guess the backyard action got me a little overheated.
How do you like my new look?

My mother bought this wig at B.Altman's in the 60's. It always looked becoming on her. The label says "Kenneth Comfortable Wig" . You can see the wig had fancy construction. I think Dinah will enjoy it.

But let's face it- this wig was meant for Molly.


stray g said...

I love the wig! Could I wear it for my art show? I was thinking pink, but green is fun! And yes, Molly is very intuitive!

Sally said...

Yes, you can definitely wear it for the art show. A lovely shade of lime green. If your head's the right size, it's very flattering.

Linda said...

I'm so disappointed. I thought this was the great new haircut you got before you went to NJ. I thought it would look really good with my violet hair. It's time for you to replace your photo under "about me a little." It's a great look, though I prefer the aqua shade on the lower photo.

I'm sure the wig looked becoming on your mom if it looks so great on you. Did she wear it to PTA meetings?

p.s. big laugh: Jon, who's watching "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls"

Namowal said...

Molly looks fetching in that wig!
I'm impressed by what a good watchdog she is. It seems she's accepted the chickens as honorary members of her pack. Or honorary sheep, perhaps.

Sally said...

You're right, Linda. I look way too normal in my every third day shirt. Are you inferring this wig is sick green color? My dear, it's vintage lime acrylic.

Namowal, weird thing is she might eat a chicken if I just let her out the door. (Fate of Chip a few years ago.) But she's dedicated to protecting them also.

The Great Blue Heron flying low overhead looked like something out of a fairy tale.

ps "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" was written by Roger Ebert. I saw it with my mother when it came out.

Fearless Freep said...

The wig looks like it came from the same place Warhol got his.
You are lucky the heron didn't drop any ballast on your house or cars.

stray g said...

Ebert wrote "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls"? Too funny! And I trust his opinions on Netflix.... I remember when my mom read the original book.

Namowal said...

So Molly is telling the hawk, "Hey, nobody, gets the option to eat these birds but me, see?"

Mean Jean said...

The stairs are outside. It's a known fact: any time you are the only witness to anything outside having to do with animals as soon as you call somebody to come look the animals hear you and quit doing anything remotely interesting. I think John should wear the wig while he watches his movies.

Sally said...

fearless, I thought it had a Warhol look to it too.

Mean Jean, those are some great stairs. I agree the wig would be theme dressing for that movie.

Namowal, I found what the hawk was smacking his beak about: James Brown and his pigeon wife are parents again. They snuck in the eggs in an upper pot where I couldn't see them.