Thursday, May 08, 2008

Wild Bear Adventure

On Sunday morning we're flying to Campbell River, B.C. Canada for the Wild Bear Adventure. We're staying at Knight Inlet Lodge and hoping to see GRIZZLY BEARS! And maybe orcas too.

It's the time of year when the bears have just come out of hibernation and the cubs are walking with the sows. The trip is sponsored by Vital Ground, an organization that saves land for grizzlies through easements and purchase. We'll be hearing lots of presentations on grizzlies. The lodge is floating, and we'll mostly be in boats and kayaks. The last time I was in a kayak I flilpped it over, so Jon's a little worried about that.

We went to a Vital Ground conference many years ago in Montana, but the only bear we saw was Bart the Bear.

I'm preparing blog posts for every day I'll be away, so you won't all just disappear. We get back the following Saturday, with no communication possible in the meantime.

The illustration was the cover for a bear book my mother wrote and her cousin illustrated, sometime in the 1940's.


Linda said...

Can we see more of your mom's book?

I'm so excited about the pre-pared blog posts! Can't wait.

Whoa! I read about the Wild Bear Adventure, and here are the parts that leaped out at me:

"All Knight Inlet Lodge rooms are cedar or pine-lined"

"After a delightful lunch at the lodge..."

"All meals and snacks are included while at Knight Inlet Lodge, as is wine with dinner..."

stray g said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Mean Jean said...

Love the cover of the book! I hope you see lots of wildlife. We've been to Pender Island (a 30 min. ferry ride from Victoria, B.C.) and saw lots and lots of orcas.

Namowal said...

I'd like to see more of that book too.
Creativity defiantly runs in your family!
Have a way cool trip (and don't get too close to those grizzlies!).

Sally said...

This bear was also from the book. The writing wasn't as strong as in my mother's other books, but the illustrations were beautiful.

Mean Jean, I'm hoping to see orcas this trip too.

Namowal said...

I thought that bear looked familiar!