Saturday, June 14, 2008

Attached to my hat

It's rare when I find a hat that fits me, and when I do I wear it for years and years. So this hat is the new featured item, bought at REI for our wild bear adventure. It has a full brim and nice deep top, with chin strap for wind, and it's waterproof, made of some new high tech material. Many of the new clothing items for hikers have so many features they need for dummies books written about them.

You can turn the sides up with velcro tabs and stick feathers in them, then watch the feathers blow away, as I did the other day.

Baseball caps sit on the top of my head like an inverted tea cup.

My last hat was olive green, then faded to pale green, then an ugly beige with stains. This one is ever so much better and required at altitude 9000 ft. Before the ugly green one I had a hat with long ear flaps that people made fun of.


Namowal said...

I have the same problem with some hats. My head's too wide. Or maybe too long. Or my hair (or skull) is too thick. I can usually cram my head into one the way one crams into too-tight shoes, but who wants their head squeezed all day?
I bet a lot of cheaper hats are made with less material- the manufacturers betting that the money saved will offset the loss of potential customers who can't wear them.
That is a nice one you have there. What kind of feather is that? From a hawk? An owl?

Linda said...

Why did I think you wore a cowboy hat every day?

Expression exactly the same as 10 year old beatnik.

stray g said...

I love hats, but my head is really large, so it's hard to find a good fit. Have to keep the sun off my face somehow. But hat hair is no fun.

Sally said...

namowal, I remember you had a great hat on the day I met you. I think hats used to come in real sizes, with numbers, but now you're lucky if there's small, medium, large. The feathers flew away before I could figure out what they were. This hat is made of GoreTex.

Namowal said...

Thanks, Sally.
That hat you saw fits pretty well. (It'd probably fit well on a horse too, if it had ear holes.)