Monday, June 09, 2008

Lightning Lounge

This is the Lightning Lounge last summer. Since then the sign has been removed. We've been stopping there every day for snacks and water on our new two hour usual route hike. Every day we see the elk herd and Molly has been exceptional. She'll start to run towards them but we can always call her back.

I was supposed to get my new card to enable me to post pictures from my camera to the blog. Fed ex called this morning at 7:30 to say it would be placed in the shed with the hidden key down by the Placerville post office and that it would be there by 11. We went down at 1:30 and it wasn't there.

So here's a picture I took in City Market today, on the phone, of candy I didn't buy. We have a cat in the Christmas Garden that looks just like this. I think this is the kind of candy where you eat the paper.


Linda said...

It's fun to see the Lightning Lounge! Molly is so good.

A real drag about Fed Ex. Usually they're lots better than that.

Oh well. It's a great candy shot. What IS it that makes that package so nice? It's simply lovely. And to think that you can eat the paper--magic.

stray g said...

Thanks for showing us the Lightning Lounge and posting pictures with your phone camera! The hike sounds nice.

Namowal said...

Molly must be in Doggie Disneyland with all the creatures to chase.
She looks pretty happy in that summer poster, high on her wooden throne, looking down at her subjects.
The cat on the candy box has an interesting mix of elegance and cuteness.