Sunday, June 08, 2008

Travelin Frog

We made the decision to bring our 15 year old Pixie frog to Colorado. On advice of the pet store we moved her to a tank filled with wet coconut bark and wet moss. Previously she'd always lived in a plastic tank with a small amount of water and a rock.

We couldn't have her sloshing around in the tank on the car trip. since arriving we've kept her in the wet mossy terrarium. Whenever we add a little water she moves around, but otherwise seems to be preferring her life undercover. It's a big life style change for Pixie.


sg said...

Interesting! Glad she's adjusted. Nice illustration!

Namowal said...

Yes, the picture is cute!

What kind of frog is she? At the tropical fish shop we sometimes sold what we called "pac man frogs" that were 98% mouth. If this is the same frog that ate her tank mate, I'm betting she's something similar.

Linda said...

I wasn't sure ... does this mean she isn't living under water anymore? This seems like a huge change! When you say undercover, do you mean she likes to stay under the coconut bark and moss? That sounds kind of nice for a frog.

Sally said...

glad you liked it. I haven't drawn a thing in a month at least and depended on Corel to shape it up.

Namowal, she's a pixie frog, related to pacman frogs but not as fierce. Even so, years ago a pixie frog was featured on Reptiles magazine with the copy line, "The Frog that Makes a Grown man Cry."

They can grow to be huge, but ours is quite small, perhaps because we only fed her crickets her whole life. She's at the outer edge of average life span. I was told that if I'd fed her pinkies early on I'd have to be watching my pinkies. (pinkies are tiny mice.)

We really don't know whether we're doing the right thing or not, but at least she's finally experiencing some privacy and mud, after living in clear water on a kitchen counter for fifteen years.

stray g said...

I saw two turtles by the road while I drove in to work yesterday. I should have pulled over to photograph.