Friday, June 06, 2008

You've Got a Friend

Yesterday it rained and snowed and Molly's friend we call "Oldtimer" came by to beg dog biscuits and play for awhile. He's been by twice today. He has very soulful eyes.

Watching the Belmont pre race nuttiness, don't know if any of you are. Tomorrow we're going to watch local horse racing in Norwood, then to the Blue Jay cafe to watch the Belmont race. Big Brown's biggest competitor, Casino Drive, may be pulled from the race due to hind end troubles. That leaves no apparent challenger.

Meanwhile, up the hill to Lightning Lounge for lunch and elk spotting.


Namowal said...

Oldtimer helps confirm your earlier comments about dogs having good memories. He knows when friends are back in the neighborhood.
Have fun with the elks and horse races.
I caught one on t.v last week (don't remember where.) There's always that one horse that won't go in the starting gate. I wonder what's going through his head? Is he scared? Or is he thinking. "hey, I'll go in there when I feel like going in there?"

Linda said...

I love this photo. Is Molly happy to see her old friend?

stray g said...

I want a Lightning Lounge.