Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wild White Iris

Title sounds like the name of a burlesque queen of long ago.

We took a hike up the hill before our endurance shopping competition. Today we heard the elks but didn't see them. As we sat in the Lightning Lounge and enjoyed peaches, I noticed some flowers across the field that looked unusual. I wandered over. They were wild white irises. I didn't know they existed. I was so thrilled.

Sorry the photo is so nowhere, (cel phone) but I took nice ones with the real camera, and ordered some card reading device which will allow me to post decent photos again.

As for the endurance shopping competition, after lunch at True Grit in Ridgway, (a John Wayne theme restaurant which was looking much grittier than ever before) we drove to Montrose and went to:
J.C. Penneys
Beasleys (going out of business)
Office Depot
Miz Kitty's Emporium
Fish and Reptiles (name may be off)
City Market

I never did get the camera cable, but we got the printer ink. Couldn't get the sunscreen we wanted, got the sticky transparent fly strips, got a hamper, got dog food, got crickets and advice on Pixie, got a frozen turkey and all that goes with it.

The best part of the trip was this-- in the Target parking lot Jon spotted a really weird looking pair of birds.

I jumped out of the car to take their picture-- this one's from google, as mine is still in the camera.

They were a pair of chukars, wandering around a Target parking lot. The store is less than a year old, and my guess is that it was built on their breeding ground, and nothing's going to stop them. They're a non-native species introduced quite a long time ago. I'd never seen one before. My picture is better than this one.


Namowal said...

The chukars had me puzzled until you said they were non native. I'm thinking What kind of quail is that? They're not in my (old) guidebook to western birds!
Sorry to hear the cables are being elusive.
Is this the same J.C. Penneys with all the weirdos that you mentioned in an older post?

Mean Jean said...

Chukars are yummy. Fried. Then make pan gravy.

(We ate a lot of game when I was a kid.)

stray g said...

What kind of sunscreen were you wanting? We've been happy to discover a family of bunnies living in our yard.

Linda said...

Is the Lightning Lounge your front porch by any chance?
Molly is so handsome! But it looks like she couldn't care less about the wild white irises.
What advice did you get about Pixie?
That bird! I love his striped shirt.

Sally said...

Mean jean, I'd say you're no Prairie Chicken! This is a gorgeous large bird.

Linda, Lightning Lounge is at the top of the hill. Our friend put some slats among oak trees and nailed a sign that said "Lightning Lounge" but the sign is gone.

Phone camera take pix with little color or contrast, but the worst is that pause after you click "take picture."

Sal, I was looking for Clinique. I ordered a tube before we left but never packed it.