Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bad Idea, Amazon

I got an email from Amazon today saying, "

Monetize Your Video with Product Ads

Since I'm a financial loser I thought I should pay attention. I thought maybe it meant they wanted me to sell my dvds on amazon.


They want you to add specific products to your video, in the middle of the video, in order to earn extra money. It doesn't need to relate to the video in anyway. That makes sense.

I did this story sketch in Painter, and added Tide to the picture. It's a detergent I use by default. Maybe Whinsey should be saying, "Whenever I drink Tide, I can't control what I say."

I'm drawing with a small HP tablet computer. I'm drawing right on the screen with a plastic pen that's like what you'd get with those old erasable novelty tablets. Like them, it's on a string so you don't lose it. The line quality seems a little more genuine than when drawing with a Wacom tablet, but when you go to pick up where you left off with a line, it's hard to find the exact point. The laptop gets much warmer when I'm drawing than when I'm typing.


Namowal said...

Ha! There's product placement! I'd be tempted to get silly too.
It's a funny picture.
The tablet pc does have a Magic Slate (I think that's what they were called.) likeness with the little plastic pen.
Mine gets extra warm when I draw too.

Fearless Freep said...

You need to add "coke" on the can of soda pop and double the kickback for product placement.

Anonymous said...

tide gives me a rash
wish you were here!
stray g

Sally said...

I need to look into this more. In movies, product placement is a big deal, and the companies hire specialists to make sure it's an appropriate place for their product to be seen, whereas here it appears to be goofy random, so if I fill the background with stupid products will I get a check every month?

This last drawing was done at 800 x 600, which is too large for a blog. What size do you draw at namowal?

Namowal said...

Usually I draw at 500x500, sometimes larger if I used a texture for a background. If blogger shrinks it too small I throw in the "click pic for larger image" note.
Personally I think the out of nowhere product placement is more original and memorable, but can the dudes in suits be convinced?

maybe I'm envious said...

Interesting about drawing directly on the tablets. I really have gotten used to drawing on my tablet (horizontal surface) while looking straight ahead at the monitor (vertical surface) & I love it because it's so easy on the neck. Is it really better to draw directly on the tablet itself? Does your neck not freeze?