Friday, July 04, 2008

Telluride July 4 2008

The streets were crowded, the town was excited. It's always an eccentric parade.

It started out with thrilling low level flyovers, first by a pair of WW2 P51s, then unnamed National Guard planes in sequence, voom, wow, amazed they even appeared in my photo. I scream when they fly over, it's such a thrill.

But what was with all the baby floats this year, and the total absence of funny or satiric floats except for one? Young couples in Telluride are reproducing like it's 1949.

The ostrich bikes were attractive, even when unoccupied.

When you're in the second row, sometimes you see things you wish you hadn't.

Like this view of Texas...

This poor guy didn't get to ride with his buddies.

This was the ONLY funny parade entry, and it was mourning the death of Bozo the Clown.

We had lunch in the park and then came home. Molly was locked in the house, and the fireworks won't start until almost 10. How was your fourth?


Namowal said...

I want an ostrich bike!

No, wait, scratch that- I don't have anywhere to put it.

My fourth was fun. Nothing exciting, but fun.

stray g said...

Funny: "reproducing like it's 1949"!!!

Linda ordered Thanksgiving dinner on the 4th, and I kept eating off her plate ("are you finished? can I have that?").

We walked in a crush of people in the rain to glimpse partial views of NYC fireworks, trying to dodge overpasses and retaining walls.

Mean Jean said...

We took the 3 kids to the downtown fireworks.

Love the parade pix. We caught the 4th of July parade in Breckenridge a few years ago and they had the Knights who say "Ne", complete with coconuts for clop-clop. Hilarious.

Sally said...

Our friend Tom said, "I think there are papparazzi at this picnic." We looked around the town park picnic and just saw a sea of paper plates. But at Huffington Post I followed a sleazy link and learned that Tom was right, the other Tom (Cruise) was there.

Linda said...

I scream when they fly over, it's such a thrill.

I'll invite you to SF for the Blue Angels weekend and let you stand in our back yard.